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How To Turn Plastic To Fuel?
11 January 2024

Plastic pyrolysis equipment can convert waste plastics into oil, etc., and can effectively recycle waste resources. These products can be further processed and refined to obtain high-value chemical products. This is also an effective alternative to traditional energy and reduces the extraction process of oil resources to a certain extent.

Tire Pyrolysis Process: The Ultimate Way to Dispose of Waste Tires
29 December 2023

The tire pyrolysis process stands out among the many technological routes with its full resourcing capacity and great potential in energy saving and carbon reduction.

Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Technology: From Plastic Waste To Green Recycling Resource
20 December 2023

The products of waste plastic pyrolysis are solid products, fuel oil and a small amount of non-condensable gas, which truly realizes 100% utilization of waste plastic resources.

High Quality Pyrolysis Equipment Helps 100% Resource Utilization Of Waste Tires
06 December 2023

Waste tire pyrolysis equipment is a high-tech environmental protection equipment worthy of promotion and use around the world. Waste tire pyrolysis technology is also a responsible processing way for the environment and society.

Waste Tire Pyrolysis Technology: The Perfect Combination of Environmental Benefits And Economic Value
17 November 2023

Through the waste tire pyrolysis process, waste tires can be converted into useful resource products such as oil, carbon black and steel wire.

Promoting The Implementation Of Circular Economy: The Advantages Of Niutech Waste Tire Pyrolysis Process
09 November 2023

Niutech has established immitate business corporation with many companies in Europe and the United States . They use waste tire pyrolysis plant to solve waste tire disposal problems, achieving a win-win situation for the environment and economy.

Achieving 100% Waste Plastic Recycling, Turning Waste Into Wealth
28 October 2023

As a green, low-carbon, high-efficiency and clean waste plastics recycling technology, Nitech pyrolysis technology has great potential and market prospects.

Niutech Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Technology: Turning Waste Tyres Into Oil, Creating A New Model For Green Recycling
19 October 2023

Nowadays, black pollution caused by waste tyres has become one of the most important issues in global environmental protection. The mess accumulation of waste tires put great pressure on environment and wastes valuable resources. Niutech’s waste tyre pyrolysis technology, which won the highest award

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