Pyrolysis Process
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Organic waste is thermally unstable. By completely decomposing the polymer in organic waste, the waste pyrolysis production line can reduce the raw material into a small molecule or monomer state in an oxygen-free or oxygen-poor environment and obtain fuel oil and solid output .
So what is the process of waste pyrolysis production line?
  • Waste Pyrolysis Step 01
    Proper waste plastics/tires are continuously fed through hot air tight process together with catalyst into pyrolysis reactor.
  • Waste Pyrolysis Step 02
    After atmospheric low-temperature pyrolysis cracking reaction, the pyro oil gas is distilled and cooled into liquid fuel oil and small amount of combustible gas.
  • Waste Pyrolysis Step 03
    The combustible gas is used in heat supply system after scrubbing, and the heat supply system adopts heat recovery process to greatly save energy and reduce production cost.
  • Waste Pyrolysis Step 04
    The exhaust gas generated from the pyrolysis plant is emitted after purification.
  • Waste Pyrolysis Step 05
    The solid outputs are transported to the carbon processing area to be packed.
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