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How To Turn Plastic To Fuel?

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Plastic is a commonly material in our lives. Raincoats, plastic bags, packaging, beverage bottles, and even building materials are all inseparable from plastic. The widespread use of plastics has also led to the creation of the most produced solid waste on earth - waste plastics. Waste plastic pollution is universal and widespread, known as "white pollution". Combating "white pollution" is an environmental issue facing the world today. “Turing plastic to fuel” pyrolysis technology is a potentially advantageous solution.

waste plastic disposal

"Plastic to Fuel", as the name suggests, is the conversion of all types of plastic waste into useful fuel, which applies a chemical process - pyrolysis.

Pyrolysis process is to use the thermal instability of organic matter, in the absence of oxygen or poor oxygen and a certain temperature conditions, through the decomposition and organic condensation of the joint action, so that the macromolecule of organic matter into the relative molecular mass of the smaller gaseous, liquid, solid components, is composed of a series of chemical and physical transformations of a very complex reaction process.

Pyrolysis is a commonly used chemical process with a wide range of uses. It is one of the important processes in the chemical and energy industries. The production of an excellent set of pyrolysis equipment is a complex process that requires many steps. During the production process, a series of key elements of pyrolysis technology such as heating temperature, heat transfer area, conduction efficiency, working pressure, and residence time need to be considered.

As a pyrolysis machine manufacturer, Niutech strictly controls the production process of pyrolysis equipment and repeatedly tests nearly 10,000 technical parameters, effectively solving industry problems such as "pyrolysis system is easy to coking, dynamic sealing of inlet and outlet materials, and easy to polymerization of outputs" in the case of large disposal volume, and realizing long-term stable and continuous operation of the equipment.

waste plastic pyrolysis

The use of plastic pyrolysis equipment can greatly reduce plastic landfill space. Plastic pyrolysis technology does not produce pollutants during the treatment process and is of great significance to environmental protection. In addition, plastic pyrolysis technology can also recycle polluted waste, providing a new way for environmental management.

In addition to its environmental benefits, plastic pyrolysis can also create high economic benefits. The high value-added products obtained can be sold in the market and create profits.

Plastic pyrolysis equipment can convert waste plastics into oil, etc., and can effectively recycle waste resources. These products can be further processed and refined to obtain high-value chemical products. This is also an effective alternative to traditional energy and reduces the extraction process of oil resources to a certain extent.


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