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Niutech Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Technology: Turning Waste Tyres Into Oil, Creating A New Model For Green Recycling

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Nowadays, black pollution caused by waste tyres has become one of the most important issues in global environmental protection. The mess accumulation of waste tires put great pressure on environment and wastes valuable resources. Niutech’s waste tyre pyrolysis technology, which won the highest award for science and technology- the National Science And Technology Prohrss Award, can turn waste tyre into oil and other high value products, contributing positively to waste tire control and environmental protection.

The principle of Niutech’s waste tyre pyrolysis technology is to take advantage of the instability to turn waste tyres into commercially products such as fuel oil, steel wire, carbon black, and NCG under anaerobic and low-oxygen conditions. It is not only efficient and fast, but also maximizes the resource ultilization of waste tyres and reduce the negative impact on environment.

turning tyres into diesel fuel

Relying on the advanced pyrolysis technolgy of Niutech, waste tire pyrolysis plant has advantages in many aspects. First at all, the process is free of dust, volatilization, and secondary pollution. Unique flue gas purification technology reaches the most strict environmental standards, which is superior to EPA standard in US and EEA standard in EU. Besides, it can reduce the pile of waste tyres effectively, avoid land and water pollution, playing a positive role in mitigating global climate change.

In addition to environmental benefits, based on pyrolysis technology and equipment, the waste tire pyrolysis plant also has huge economic benefits. Waste tyre pyrolysis plant can turn tyres into fuel oil, whicn can be used in industrial enterprises, such as power plants, boilers and industrial furnaces, replacing traditional petroeum fuel and reducing dependence on fossil energy. Niutech also provides specialized equipment for deep processing, which can further convert fuel oil into gasoline and diesel. Furthermore, through pyrolysis, waste tires can also be transformed into high market valur by-products such as carbon black and ssteel wire,  increasing economic benefits. Therefore, waste tyre pyrolysis equipment has made waste tire recycling and disposal a new business opportunity, providing investors with generous returns.

scrap tires recycling

As environmental awareness increases and resource shortages intensify, scrap tires recycling and pyrolysis will become a new hot spot in the field of environmental protection. Waste tyre pyrolysis technology and equipment will play an increasingly important role in world's sustainable development and circular economy. Niutech will continue to innovate and improve pyrolysis technology to increase the efficiency and high value application of waste tire pyrolysis and bring more value to the society and the environment.


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