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Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Technology: From Plastic Waste To Green Recycling Resource

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What is waste plastic pyrolysis technology? As environmental protection and energy issues are becoming a global concern, waste plastic pyrolysis technology is gradually being recognized. We understand the importance of environmental protection and sustainable development. For 40 years, Niutech have specialized in the development and production of organic waste pyrolysis equipment. Among them, the industrial continuous waste plastics pyrolysis equipment, with its full resourcefulness and energy-saving and carbon reduction potential, allows us to have dozens of project operation cases in the international arena.

waste plastic pyrolysis process

Plastic pyrolysis process steps and basic principles

The waste plastic is heated in an oxygen-free or low-oxygen sealed pyrolysis device. At this time, the macromolecular polymers in the waste plastic products are decomposed into low-molecular mixed hydrocarbons. The temperature required for pyrolysis depends on the type of waste plastic and the product you want to recycle.

If the cracking temperature of waste plastic exceeds 600°C, the main product of thermal cracking is mixed fuel gas, such as H2, CH4, light hydrocarbons. If the plastic pyrolysis temperature is 400-600°C, the main cracking products are liquid products such as mixed light hydrocarbons, naphtha, heavy oil, kerosene, mixed fuel oil, and wax. The thermal cracking products of LDPE, HDPE and PP are mainly fuel gas and fuel oil. The thermal cracking products of PS are mainly styrene monomer and light hydrocarbon compounds. PVC should not be treated separately because heating PVC produces large amounts of HCl. The thermal cracking products of PET produces a large amount of solids and a small amount of gas, but no liquid products are produced.

Plastic pyrolysis products

The products of waste plastic pyrolysis are solid products, fuel oil and a small amount of non-condensable gas, which truly realizes 100% utilization of waste plastic resources. Besides, Niutech equips with advanced flue gas purification and waste heat utilization systems, environmental protection indicators can meet the requirements of the world's most stringent environmental protection.

In the Danish project, the customer adopted our pyrolysis technology and equipment, and the product was used to make new plastics, which was invested by the global chemical giant BASF.

In the Thai project, waste plastics are used as raw materials, which mainly come from the waste recycling in the neighboring cities. The customer adopts Niutech’s pyrolysis technology and equipment to get fuel oil and then obtain gasoline and diesel fractions after oil deep processing, which is used as fuel for the vehicles of this enterprise.

From the perspective of economic benefits, through plastic waste pyrolysis processing, waste resources can be utilized and the economic benefits of the enterprise can be improved. From the perspective of environmental benefits, plastic pyrolysis treatment not only solves the pollution problem of waste plastics, but also realizes the resource utilization of waste and reduces the pressure on the environment.

In the future, Niutech will continue to devote itself to innovative organic waste pyrolysis technology and contribute to the global environment.


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