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Niutech Environment Technology Corporation (stock code 688309) is a national high-tech enterprise focus on waste polymers pyrolysis technology R&D as well as equipment manufacture since 1988.
Niutech has high-level scientific research strength, internationalized manufacturing capacity, professional engineering and sales service to facilitate, and diversified commercial cooperation models.
Niutech Pyrolysis Factory
Niutech Pyrolysis Manufacturer
Why Choose Niutech
Why Choose Niutech
30+ Years R&D Experience
Research and Development Pyrolysis Equipment since 1988.
110+ Patents
More Than 90 Patents In China and Overseas.
International Standard
Emission comply with EEA standard in EU and EPA standard in USA
Integrated Solutions
Provide Solution Designing, Technical & Financial Proposal Preparation, Market Analysis.
Niutech is committed to supporting the Sustainable Development Goals. Using technological innovation to help global achieve the goal of being carbon neutral.
So far, Niutech pyrolysis technical solutions have not only been applied in China, but also overseas projects in Germany, US, UK, Denmark, Brazil, Hungary, Turkey, Estonia, India, Thailand, Iraq, etc.
Danish Pyrolysis Project
German Pyrolysis Project
Malaysia Pyrolysis Project
Brazilian Pyrolysis Project
Thai Pyrolysis Project
Turkish Pyrolysis Project
Indian Pyrolysis Project
Hungarian Pyrolysis Project
Hubei Pyrolysis Project
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Recycling And Reuse Of Waste Plastics By Pyrolysis Technology
06-28 2023

As the era of carbon reduction has fully opened, plastic waste recycling has become an inescapable solution for the sustainable development of the plastics industry.

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Plastic Waste Trade Binding and Pyrolysis Solution
06-13 2023

Pyrolysis technology has played an important role in dozens of waste plastic disposal projects around the world, and has solved the waste plastic problems in many countries such as the EU, Germany, the US and Korea, and has realized the industrial application of many projects.

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