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Tire Pyrolysis Process: The Ultimate Way to Dispose of Waste Tires

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Circular economy and double carbon are increasingly becoming a hot topic of global concern, and all industries are actively exploring ways of sustainable development. Waste tires are heat-resistant, biodegradable and resistant to mechanical damage. They will not disappear naturally in the natural environment for more than ten years or even longer. Long-term open piling not only occupies a lot of land, but also easily breeds germs, spreads diseases, and is prone to fire, which is called "black pollution".

disposal of waste tires

The tire pyrolysis process stands out among the many technological routes with its full resourcing capacity and great potential in energy saving and carbon reduction. Compared with batch pyrolysis equipment, continuous pyrolysis equipment is maintenance-free pyrolysis machine, besides,it eliminates the trouble of frequent maintenance of pyrolysis machine, so that the equipment can be maintained for a longer period of time to maintain safety, stability, continuous operation, continuous feeding, continuous discharging, continuous slag discharging, suitable for large-scale production, good economic efficiency, excellent environmental protection index, which is an effective method of disposal of waste tires and rubber products.

tire pyrolysis machine manufacturer

Waste tire pyrolysis process is based on the thermal instability of organic matter, in the absence or depletion of oxygen and a certain temperature conditions, through the decomposition and condensation of the joint action, so that the large molecules of organic matter into the relative molecular mass of the smaller gaseous, liquid, solid components, resulting in carbon black, steel wire, pyrolysis oil.

Compared with traditional disposal method, waste tire pyrolysis equipment can not only product high value-added products, but also more in line with the principle of resourcefulness, harmlessness and reduction of waste treatment, representing an important direction of today's waste tire resourceful treatment.

Niutech from China is an internationally renowned manufacturer of tire pyrolysis machines. Focusing on R&D of pyrolysis technology for more than 30 years, Niutech’s pyrolysis machines have been repeatedly tested and systematically designed under the proprietary "process + structure" combinations, taking into account the key elements of the pyrolysis technology such as the heat supply temperature, heat-conducting area, conduction efficiency, working pressure, residence time, and nearly 10,000 technical parameters, which has effectively solved the industry problems of "pyrolysis system is prone to coking, dynamic sealing, and outputs are prone to polymerization" under the large processing capacity, and has realized the equipment's stable and continuous operation over a long period of time.

The self-developed pyrolysis machine realizes continuous and efficient processing of waste tires. In the future, we will continue to adhere to the market positioning of "independent core technology + industrial continuous pyrolysis equipment + complete commercial application solutions", vigorously expand the commercial application of Hengyu pyrolysis in the field of waste tire resource processing, and create a waste-free and low-carbon world. 


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