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Promoting The Implementation Of Circular Economy: The Advantages Of Niutech Waste Tire Pyrolysis Process

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According to statistics, there are currently more than tens of millions of tons of waste tires accumulated in the world. As a typicallly industrial solid waste, waste tires will take at least hundreds of years to degrade naturally. Once burned, a large amount of highly toxic dioxin gas will be released, causing serious ecological hazards. Therefore, it is particularly important to find effective waste tire disposal methods. As an advanced resource recycling technology, the tire pyrolysis process can achieve 100% comprehensive recycling of waste tires.

Circular economy and ecological sustainable development has become an important issue for countries all over the world, and a large number of relevant laws and regulations have been formulated to require that the disposal of used tires must comply with environmental requirements. As an environmentally friendly and effecient waste tire disposal solution, waste tire pyrolysis process has attracted much attention. Niutech, a pyrolysis plant manufacturer from China, produce waste tire pyrolysis machine, which represents the highest level of pyrolysis environmental protection in China at present.

Niutech waste tire pyrolysis plant

So what is wste tire pyrolysis process?

Under oxygen-poor or oxygen-free condition, waste tires are fed into the continuous pyrolysis system through the intelligent and automated feeding system. The oil and gas produced by pyrolysis pass through the oil separation cooling system to produce cracked oil and non-condensable combustible gas.

The cracked oil is stored in the irrigation area through the oil pipeline, and the non-condensable combustible gas is purified and pressure-stabilized to remove the sulfuric components and transported to the cracked heating device to provide energy for the entire production equipment, which is energy-saving and efficient.

The generated flue gas can be effectively purified of particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, and sulfides through a combined purification system, so that the discharged flue gas can meet the strictest local environmental protection requirements of the project and is better than the EU EEA and US EPA standards.

The advantages of waste tire pyrolysis process are the followings. It can recover valuable resources from waste tires, and the recycled oil produced by cracking can be further processed into gasoline and diesel.

The carbon black produced by cracking provides important raw materials for recycled rubber manufacturing, building materials and other industries.

The steel wire produced by cracking can be recycled and used to produce steel, which is in line with the needs of the development of the world's circular economy.

The tire pyrolysis process can also reduce carbon emissions, reduce dependence on limited natural resources, and help promote the development of a low-carbon economy.

The landfilling and incineration of used tires will produce large amounts of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases, which will have a serious impact on climate change and air quality. Through the tire pyrolysis process, organic matter in waste tires can be efficiently decomposed, reducing the emission of harmful gases, lowering carbon emissions, and helping to improve environmental quality. According to world authoritative data, every 100,000 tons of waste tires can reduce carbon emissions by 110,000 tons.

So far, Niutech has established immitate business corporation with many companies in Europe and the United States . They use waste tire pyrolysis plant to solve waste tire disposal problems, achieving a win-win situation for the environment and economy. The recycled resources generated by pyrolysis are turned into raw materials and integrated into the production of new commercial products, truly realizing recycling.

waste tire pyrolysis plant

In the future, Niutech will continuous to be committed to the research and development and optimization of innovation technologies, obtain more sucessful cases, establish extensive cooperative relationships with the ecology and jointly promote sustainable development.

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