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High Quality Pyrolysis Equipment Helps 100% Resource Utilization Of Waste Tires

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Pyrolysis is a process that produces liquid, solid and gaseous products by decomposing the high molecular polymers in organic waste more completely, returning them to the state of small molecules or monomers.

waste tire pollution

Energy field. Pyrolysis equipment can convert biomass, coal and other renewable resources into high add-value outputs. These outputs, including biochar, bio-oil and syngas, can be used for power generation, heating and industrial production, etc., and have environmentally friendly, economical and sustainable advantages.

Chemical field. Pyrolysis technology can convert organic materials into olefins, aromatic hydrocarbons and phenols for the manufacture of plastics, rubber, paints, dyes and pharmaceuticals, etc. On the contrary, pyrolysis can also decompose waste plastics, rubber, paint and other products, thereby effectively recycling resources.

Environmental field. Pyrolysis technology can convert waste and pollutants into biochar and harmless gases, etc., which can be used for soil improvement, water treatment and air purification, with environmental protection and pollution control effects.

Life field. Pyrolysis can treat organic components in domestic waste, and has the advantages of high treatment efficiency, thorough treatment, obvious reduction, and large treatment capacity of a single unit.

Whole pyrolysis equipment is consist of eight sub systems, namely, pyrolysis system, feeding system, discharging system, non-condesable combustible gas scrubbing system, circulating system, oil separating and cooling system, flue gas purification system, and electrical control system.

A set of high quality pyrolysis equipment often has the advantages of large processing capacity, high processing efficiency, and good product quality.

Next, I will explain the advantages of the waste tire pyrolysis equipment independently developed by Niutech.

After pyrolysis, waste tires are pyrolyzed to obtain pyrolysis oil, steel wire, carbon black and a small amount of non-condensable combustible gas. These outputs have high economic benefits. Fuel oil can be used as fuel oil, or it can be refined to obtain gasoline and diesel fractions to achieve energy substitution. Carbon black can be used to make new tires and rubber products; steel wire can be used to make steel or make special steel sand, etc.

Waste tire pyrolysis equipment can achieve almost 100% resource utilization and is the most thorough treatment method. Therefore, it is considered to be the best way to deal with waste tires currently.

Besides, waste tire pyrolysis plant can solve environmental pollution, and the problem of land occupation caused by the accumulation of waste tires. Compared with incineration and other methods, tire pyrolysis technology does not have the problem of air pollution, but also can significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions, is a kind of treatment in line with the current "green low-carbon cycle" concept.

For example, the picture below shows a continuous running waste tire pyrolysis plant. As you can see, in the workshop, the surroundings of the pyrolysis equipment are clean and tidy, with no dust leakage or pollutant discharge. All operations are just completed by the intelligent control system in the central control room.

waste tire pyrolysis plant

The industrial continuous waste tire pyrolysis production line independently developed by Niutech from China can process 10,000-30,000 tons of waste tires per year per set of equipment, which can fully demonstrate the advantages of pyrolysis equipment.

In summary, waste tire pyrolysis equipment is a high-tech environmental protection equipment worthy of promotion and use around the world. Waste tire pyrolysis technology is also a responsible processing way for the environment and society.


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