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Achieving 100% Waste Plastic Recycling, Turning Waste Into Wealth

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Hundreds of millions of waste plastics are produced globally every year. Only 30% is recycled. One third of plastics used once are discarded. A plenty of waste plastic is incineration and landfill. It not only release hazardous gas, but cause environment pollution and ecological disaster. It takes hundreds of years for a waste plastic bottle to degrade in the natural environment.

waste plastic pyrolysis plant

How to turn waste plastic into fuel?

Through advanced waste plastic technology, not only can we solve resource recycling, but also obtain considerable economic benefits, and realize "green, low-carbon, efficient and clean" recycling of waste plastics.

Niutech Environment Technology Corporation will introduce waste pyrolysis technology and solution to you.

Niutech- Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Expert

Niutech Environment Technology Corporation is an integrated pyrolysis solution provider. Speciazling in pyrolysis technology for 39 years, it has mature waste plastic pyrolysis technology and complete solutions. It is the first stock of pyrolysis industry on China’s SSE STAR Market, the winner of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, the industry standard drafter, and a national high-tech enterprise possessing completely independent intellectual property rights. Technology and equipment obtained EU CE certification, German TUV certification and ATEX certification. At present, the technology has been applied in China, as well as 13 countries and 37 regions around the world.

In the Danish waste plastics pyrolysis disposal project, the customer has received investment from global chemical giant BASF for the production of new plastics using Niutech's technology and equipment. In Thailand's waste plastics pyrolysis disposal project, the customer adopts the technology and equipment of Niutech to obtain fuel oil and then gasoline and diesel fuel fractions after deep processing of oil products, and obtains very good economic benefits.

plastic pyroplysis plant

What Is Pyrolysis Process?

Pyrolysis is an advanced recycling technology. Customers use Niutech pyrolysis technology and complete sets of equipment to easily process almost all types of waste plastics, including single or mixed plastics such as PP, PE, PS, and ABS.

How Does Pyrolysis Work?

The technology utilizes the thermal instability of waste plastics, and under oxygen-poor or oxygen- zero conditions, the waste plastics are continuously fed into the cracker through the feeding system. The raw materials do not need to be cleaned and sieved, and the process is fully closed, micro-negative pressure, no dust release, no coking, no dioxin, and no secondary pollution.

As a green, low-carbon, high-efficiency and clean waste plastics recycling technology, Nitech pyrolysis technology has great potential and market prospects. It can not only realize the resource utilization of waste plastics, but also reduce the dependence on traditional petroleum resources. Reducing carbon emissions and improving environmental pollution

will become important means to promote sustainable development. Turning waste into wealth, contributing to building a clean and beautiful earth.


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