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Waste Tire Pyrolysis Technology: The Perfect Combination of Environmental Benefits And Economic Value

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With the advancement of global ecological civilization construction, the renewable resources industry has become a key strategy to achieve green development. Waste tire pyrolysis machine becomes the hot issue in the field of environmental protection.

Waste tires are known as "black pollution. They are difficult to be compressed, occupy a lot of environmental space, and can not be biodegradable. Under the condition of safety and environmental protection, Niutech's waste tire pyrolysis technology can process waste tires well and convert them into valuable resources.

tire pyrolysis machine

Is tyre pyrolysis environmentally friendly?

Waste tire pyrolysis machine can effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Pyrolysis technology converts the organic substances in waste tires into energy products such as oil, carbon black, steel wire, etc., thus reducing the dependence on traditional petroleum resources. The waste tire pyrolysis machine is equipped with flue gas purification and other devices, with excellent environmental indicators.

According to statistics, a waste tire pyrolysis plant with a processing capacity of 1 million tons can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 1.15 million tons compared with conventional factory production. Internationally, the United States and Europe and other countries have established relevant laws to require extended production responsibility systems and promote the recycling of waste tires through regulations. The United States has promulgated regulations such as the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act and the Tire Recycling Act to actively promote the recycling of used tires. European countries have adopted an extended producer responsibility model, with tire manufacturers assuming recycling responsibilities. Germany has promulgated the "Circular Economy and Waste Management Law", which clearly stipulates the responsibilities of manufacturers, sellers and individual consumers. Promote material regeneration and circulate within the system.


In addition to environmental benefits, end-of-life waste tyres continuous pyrolysis plant also has outstanding performance in terms of economic value. Through the waste tire pyrolysis process, waste tires can be converted into useful resource products such as oil, carbon black and steel wire. Among them, pyrolysis oil can be used as an alternative fuel for power generation, heating and industrial production, and has high economic value.

Niutech is a professional pyrolysis machine manufacturer from China, with 39 years of pyrolysis research and development experience. The industrial continuous waste tire pyrolysis machine is characterized by large processing capacity , low processing cost, and good environmental benefits.


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