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Hazardous Waste Pyrolysis Production Line

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Environmental Friendly
High Oil Yield
99.5% Pyrolysis Rate

Product Description

What is pyrolysis technology?

Organics are unstable at high temperatures. Under the conditions of hypoxia and high temperature, macromolecules undergo the reaction of decomposition and condensation, converting into molecules of relatively small mass. Thereby, the water and organic matter in the oil sludge are separated from soil.

Under the premise of safety, environmental protection, continuous and stable operation, the hazardous waste pyrolysis production line can realize the resource, harmless, and reduction treatment of hazardous waste.

Sub Systems of Hazardous Waste Pyrolysis Machine

Sub system分系统

Detailed information about the sub-systems of hazardous waste recycling plant→

Technical Parameters



Feeding Raw Materials

Hazardous waste, such as coal tar residue, waste mineral oil, waste resin, paint residue, chemical waste salt

End Products

Depending on the raw materials, the harmless products are different

Processing Capacity

10000T/Y, 20000T/Y, 30000T/Y...

Can be customized according to the processing capacity

Annual Running Time 80000 Hours

Production Form

Continuous operation; continuous feeding and discharging

Heating Form

Adjustable, constant temperature

Working Pressure


Pyrolysis Temperature

Low-temperature catalytic pyrolysis, adjustable temperature

Automatic Level

Fully automatic intelligent control

Equipment Life

No less than 10 years


Comply with the most strict local emission requirement

Technical Advantages

● High Eviromental Benefit

No chemical agents.

Whole pyrolysis process is completed in the closed pipelines to avoid the dust, VOC leakage issue and the secondary pollution.

● Low processing cost

No need sieving the stone.

Adopting the flue gas heat recovery technology for energy conservation and emission reduction.

Purified non-condenseble combustible gas could be used as fuel for supplying heat.

● High Automatic Control System

PLC/DCS automatic intelligent control system

Rectify a deviation automatically, alarm automatically

Core Technologies

Pyrolysis technology has some common difficulties, such as easy-coking of pyrolysis system, difficult dynamic sealing of feeding and discharging, and easy-polymerization of outputs.

The pyrolysis equipment designed and manufactured by Niutech contains nearly ten thousand technical parameters. Through the trial and error and systematic design for a series of key factors of pyrolysis technology such as heating temperature, heat transfer surface, operating pressure, and anti-polymerization techniques, Niutech have solved the technology difficulties above and realized continuous operation of pyrolysis equipment.

For detailed introduction, please click→

core technologies of pyrolysis

Project Case

Project Case

Hazardous waste pyrolysis plant are used oil, tar residue, waste chemical salt, etc.




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