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How To Turn Plastic To Fuel?
11 January 2024

Plastic pyrolysis equipment can convert waste plastics into oil, etc., and can effectively recycle waste resources. These products can be further processed and refined to obtain high-value chemical products. This is also an effective alternative to traditional energy and reduces the extraction process of oil resources to a certain extent.

The Application of Recycled Carbon Black in Tire Production
10 April 2023

In many countries and regions, Niutech’s scrap tire pyrolysis equipment has realized long-term and stable operation for more than a decade, also the quality of its products, such as pyrolysis oil, carbon black, etc., are way better than other technologies.

Countries Strengthen Control To Force The Upgrade Of Waste Plastics Pyrolysis Industry
01 April 2023

The emergence of waste plastic pyrolysis technology has precisely solved the problems and issues of such waste plastic disposal.

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