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The Application of Recycled Carbon Black in Tire Production

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With the annual increasing quantity of scrap tires all around the world and the technology development of rubber industry, the global carbon black recycling business has entered the period of rapid growth. And the other reason for causing the growth is that producing carbon black in such way is cheaper. Recycled carbon black, an environmental friendly and sustainable material, can be applied in the businesses of tires, rubber products, plastic, paint, ink, etc. According to a report issued by related institution, revealing that the estimated market value of the recycled carbon black was 55 million US dollars in 2018, it can be soaring up to 491 million US dollars by the year of 2023 with a compound annual growth rate that can reach to 55.0%.

Scrap tire is a resource that can be recycled. And the recycling level of scrap tires is one of the important symbols of the level of one region’s environmental protection. As a solid waste, how to recycle scrap tires is a worldwide issue. The escalating process of scrap tires has improved the quality of recycled carbon black that can completely meet the application standard in tire production. It also realized the reutilization of scrap tires as well as reducing the consumption of industrial carbon black in a great amount.

scrap tire disposal

Tire Giant Began to Use Recycled Carbon Black

German Continental Group has signed a 5 years supply contract with Pyrolyx. According to which, Pyrolyx needs to supply 10,000 tons of recycled carbon black to its subordinate Continental Tires in tire manufacturing. It reduces 25,000 tons of carbon dioxide emission every year, comparing with utilize traditional carbon black.

Pyrolyx said that the total amount of recycled scrap tires can be around 3 million pieces at full capacity.

According to Rubber World, German Pyrolyx, a world leading corporate in recycling carbon black from scrape tire, has issued a new patent which is to put recycled carbon black directly into traditional carbon black reactor. To purge a moderate amount of recycled carbon black into the back part of the reactor in forming a homogeneous mixture to be used in new tire manufacturing. Adopting such patent of Pyrolyx can save more than 50% crude oil consumption from traditional carbon black manufacturing. After such process, the recycled carbon black can be directly used in plastic and rubber products.

Bridgestone plans to utilize 7,000 tons of recycled carbon black before the end of this year

In November 2019, Bridgestone said it will become the first tire company who manufactures new tires by using recycled carbon black in a large scale. Bridgestone has purchased 232 tons (equivalent to 70,000 pieces of scrap tires) of recycled carbon black to be use as fillers in agriculture and passenger car tires. It was also planned to purchase around 2 million pieces of scrap tires by the end of 2020.

Such effective application of recycled carbon black has helped the manufacturers in controlling the cost and meet the overall requirement of recirculating economy as well as in carbon reduction and energy saving at the same time. The big demand for recycled carbon black from varies manufacturers has triggered the market of recycled carbon black. By this momentum, scrap tire disposal related technology and equipment have gained so many opportunities and made long progress. 

Industrial continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant

Niutech, an industrial continuous scrap tire pyrolysis process and technology provider, has gained rapid growth due to its core technologies and outstanding performance. In many countries and regions, Niutech’s scrap tire pyrolysis equipment has realized long-term and stable operation for more than a decade, also the quality of its products, such as pyrolysis oil, carbon black, etc., are way better than other technologies. Because of this, Niutech’s technology has been recognized in the world’s environment protection field, it also received lots of orders and cooperation from many companies.

waste tire pyrolysis plant

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