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Countries Strengthen Control To Force The Upgrade Of Waste Plastics Pyrolysis Industry

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Waste plastic pyrolysis technology has aroused more attention in the field of global environmental protection and resources. Because pyrolysis technology can efficiently turn waste plastic into fuel oil,  it is crucial to  bring upgrades and innovations to the global waste plastic recycling industry. Pyrolysis technology is expected to solve severe plastic pollution problem in the world, and alleviate the regional differences and contradictions caused by the flow of waste plastics.

Before 2017, waste plastics were mainly transferred from developed countries to developing countries. However, due to the existence of doping-restricted solid waste and harmful substances such as chemical residues, waste residues, and wastewater in waste plastics, processing these requires a serious environmental cost.

Since the introduction of waste ban in China, several countries around the world have also begun to strengthen their control over waste plastics. Pollution caused by waste plastics has many aspects on environment. From the source of waste plastics, hazardous substances such as restricted solid waste, chemical residues, waste residues and waste water can do harm to the ecological environment, water resources, soil and human health. Currently, the control of waste plastics has been extended to the world, and the global plastic disposal industry is experiencing a period of rapid development.

plastic ban waste plastic pyrolysis

The introduction of the Basel Convention has led to a significant reduction in the import and export transactions of waste plastics among countries, but the pressure on generating countries is becoming more and more severe. At present, Thailand and Vietnam in Southeast Asia have partially replaced China as the flowing countries of waste plastics, however, these countries have also started to clearly express the ban and control on the import of waste plastics. In this situation, the energy and environmental protection industries in various countries have been grasping the layout, and the disposal industry for waste plastics is rapidly developing.

The first is the sorting and screening of waste plastics for recycling, which Europe, especially Germany, has done optimally. According to the latest statistics from Eunomia, a UK-based independent research and consultancy on environmental recycling, Germany topped the world's recycling ranking with a recycling rate of 56% in 2018. The next top 5 countries with the best recycling performance in the world are Austria (54%), South Korea (54%), Wales (52%) and Switzerland (49.7%). These top-performing countries place a high priority on environmental recycling at the government level, with reasonable waste recycling management policies, strict legislation and comprehensive waste recycling services.

waste plastic pyrolysis machine

The second is the development of waste plastics recycling in technology. Most of the global waste plastics pollution comes from low-value waste plastics that cannot be classified for recycling and physical processing. The emergence of waste plastic pyrolysis technology has precisely solved the problems and issues of such waste plastic disposal. The waste plastic recycling machine, which is composed of waste plastic pyrolysis technology as the core, achieves efficient and environmentally friendly disposal of low-value waste plastics and plastic recycling by converting plastic to fuel. 

After the waste plastic pyrolysis into oil, the high-value cracking oil can be used as fuel for the waste plastic recycling machine, providing it with a continuous source of power. The whole pyrolysis process is classified as a chemical recycling of waste plastics. This new waste plastic pyrolysis technology has spawned the establishment all over the world, and the companies that provide this amazing waste plastic to oil technology are receiving strong attention from all over the world. In this regard, HengYu Environmental is one of the more cutting-edge companies in the industry today. The industrial continuous waste plastic pyrolysis technology and equipment provided by Niutech has played a stable and efficient role in supporting several large-scale waste plastic chemical recycling commercial projects around the world today, and its advantages in recycling low-value waste plastics and economic advantages are recognized by the environmental protection industry in many countries around the world.


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