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Achieving 100% Waste Plastic Recycling, Turning Waste Into Wealth
28 October 2023

As a green, low-carbon, high-efficiency and clean waste plastics recycling technology, Nitech pyrolysis technology has great potential and market prospects.

Niutech Pyrolysis Focuses On Global Plastic Reduction
16 July 2022

Niutech industrial fully continuous waste plastic pyrolysis process solution and equipment, under safe stable and environmental protection, realize waste plastic chemical recycling.

To Solve The Increasingly Serious Plastic Pollution By Pyrolysis Technology
04 July 2022

Compared with other plastic treating methods such as landfill, heat recycling, burning, pyrolysis technology holds some characters such as huge processing capacity, high effect as well as rare environmental pollution, which adapts more to the resources, harmless and reduction principle for waste processing.

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