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Niutech Pyrolysis Focuses On Global Plastic Reduction

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The First Global Plastics Treaty

During 28th February to 2nd March 2022,  Resumed fifth session of the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA-5.2) held simultaneously in Nairobi, Kenya and online. The UN Environment Assembly held in the capital of Kenya authority one government negotiation association to promote one agreement which ask every nation to eliminate plastic leakage by national target and plan. In particular, reducing plastic spills into the ocean and recycling and managing waste plastic.

For reducing the million tons plastic pollution to natural environment, in the early of 2022, UN drafted “global plastic garbage convention”. This is an important step. As governments negotiate details of the convention, we started urging consumer goods companies to provide viable solutions for global biggest challenge --- plastic pollution. No matter the fillable toothpaste tubes or recyclable plastic bottles, large multinational corporations are researching related products and solution to assist to make a zero-plastic future for the world. However, the speed is not fast enough.

new global plastic treaty

Curbing Plastic Pollution Is Urgent

From 1980s, the produced amount of garbage is exponential growth with the changing of consumer preferences. Now it becomes one of tough issues. The global economy consumes about 400 million tons new plastic products. About half of them is disposable and non-repeatable. Compared to glass, plastic is cheaper, lighter, and generally has lower carbon strength, making it an advantage in the eyes of manufacturers. But recycling rate of the plastic is less than 9%. Therefore, the impact to the environment is big.  As estimation, about one garbage truck's plastic waste flows into the ocean every minute, which brings the disastrous impact to the marine organism.

It’s difficulty to count the quantity of plastic in the ocean—there’s more than 51 trillion plastic chips in surface water only. Marine plastic pollution harms animals that eat it, and the risk to humans of eating seafood polluted by it remains unknown.

Most ocean plastic is from the rivers: One report shows more than 95% plastics are from only 10 river systems, eight of them are in Asia. Much of it comes from developed countries, which have exported it to developing countries for recycling or disposal.

In addition to the massive piles of floating plastic, such as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch three times the size of France, scientists are also concerned about micro-plastics smaller than 5 millimeters, which can be found from the far-flung Antarctic to the deepest ocean trenches everywhere.

The plastic pollution is not only in the water. From the North Pole to Mount Everest, plastic was found everywhere on the global. In addition, the plastic production is the main drive of climate change. If the life cycle of plastic is one country, means this country will be the fifth greenhouse gas emitter.

Although the waste plastic cleaning up solution has been proven successful, and limiting the usage of disposable plastic is very welcomed. The challenge still is limiting the material production. Only when we get global agreement, it will be achieved.

waste plastics

Niutech Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

Niutech industrial fully continuous waste plastic pyrolysis process solution and equipment, under safe stable and environmental protection, realize waste plastic chemical recycling and won the "National Science and Technology Progress Award", National Key new products, Petrochemical Association Science and Technology Progress Award. Niutech technology is advanced environmental protection technology in waste polymer pyrolysis industry to solve global plastic pollution, reduce marine plastic pollutant and waste plastic chemical recycling.

This set plastic pyrolysis plant can deal with the complex composition, not easy to separate the use of traditional physical recovery can not absorb the waste plastic raw materials; The pyrolysis rate >99%, which realize maximum resource sorting and recycling. Treatment of discharge standards to meet environmental protection requirements to avoid the secondary pollution. It can realize high value recycling of plastic waste. The technical solutions and equipment have been successfully applied to many projects domestic and abroad, and have been recommended and trusted by customers.

waste plastic pyrolysis plant.

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