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Plastic Waste Trade Binding and Pyrolysis Solution
13 June 2023

Pyrolysis technology has played an important role in dozens of waste plastic disposal projects around the world, and has solved the waste plastic problems in many countries such as the EU, Germany, the US and Korea, and has realized the industrial application of many projects.

Investment In Global Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Projects Is Accelerating
15 April 2023

The large continuous waste plastic pyrolysis technology and equipment developed by Niutech is one of the advanced waste plastics solution technologies in the world. T

New Pastic Recycling Technology To Curb The Proliferation Of Waste Plastic
21 October 2022

Industrial continuous waste plastic pyrolysis technology and equipment can handle a wide range of raw materials. It has the advantages of low energy consumption, excellent treatment effect, and long service life. Whole pyrolysis equipment has bocome a key development direction recognized by foreign countries.

Zero Waste City: Redefining Waste And Resources
13 August 2022

Pyrolysis technology is an advanced environmental friendly technology for harmlessness, reduction and resource ultilization.

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