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Zero Waste City: Redefining Waste And Resources

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Zero waste city is becoming a buzzword now. Zero waste city what we advocate is a sustainable development mode. It is not an empty pavilon without solid waste generation, nor does it means solid waste can be completely resourceful. Compared with rough development method of "consume a lot ", the conception of “zero waste city”will changing public’s attitude towards solid waste and urban development mode, providing a feasible path for both high quality econoimic development and green low-carbon.

zero waste city

It is inevitable to produce wastes in the process of urban development. Especially with the advancement of urbanization and the inprovment of residents’ living standard, the amount of garbage is still growing. For instance, the proliferation of garbage had aroused widespread social concern faced by many cities. Futhermore, some cities is facing resource-exhaused problem, due to the poor handling of the relationship between resources and development.

To solve these challenges, it is impossible to break the logjam by enhancing the waste disposal capacity at the back end alone, as we need to reduce the generation at the source. On the other side, if we want to decrease the reliable on resources for urban development, we need to redefine "resources" and "waste". In a word, solid waste is also potantially available resource.  

Pyrolysis technology is an advanced environmental friendly technology for harmlessness, reduction and resource ultilization. The industrial continuous organic waste pyrolysis technology and equipment self-developed by Niutech can process organic wastes, such as urban soild waste, waste plastic, scrap tire, industrial solid waste and so on. It solves the problems of urban solid waste and waste plastics, such as high environmental protection requirements, large processing volume, difficult to sort out, low processing value, etc. After treatment, the output products has high value-added. Whole equipment has a broad space for the large-scale supporting development of "zero waste city" construction, won the “National Science And Technology Process Award”, and was selected as the “Advanced Applicable Technology For Zero Waste City Construction”.

As one of the few pyrolysis equipment manufacturers in the industry that can provide long-term stable and continuous operation under the premise of safety and environmental protection, Niutech Pyrolysis focuses on the research and development of organic waste industrial continuous pyrolysis plant and technology. After years of development, the technology and equipment have passed the CE certification, TUV certification of Germany, ATEX certification and many other advanced certifications in the world, and have been verified by many domestic and foreign projects, such as Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, etc.



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