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New Pastic Recycling Technology To Curb The Proliferation Of Waste Plastic

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Plastic waste influence environment and ecosystem health. According to statistics, there are about 5 million to 13 million waste plastic flow into ocean in 2010, which comes from both developing countries with inadequate solid waste disposal infrastructure and from high-income countries with very high waste generation.

Although high-income countries such as the United States and the European Union have well-developed waste disposal systems, if litter (about 2% of total waste) enters the ocean in cities with large coastal populations, it can generate a lot of improperly disposed waste. Data shows U.S. coastal population generates the most waste of any country  in 2010.

waste plastic to energy

Besides, the United States is the second largest waste plastic exporter. If the import country disable to process these properly, the environmental plastic waste generated in the United States may be even higher than previously assessed.

In the United States, plastic waste is disposed of by landfill (75.4%), incineration (15.3%), and recycling (9.3%). According to this calculation, 100% of the waste generated in the United States is properly disposed of. While it is useful in assessing how waste is handled, it does not take into account littering, illegal dumping and recycling.

The total amount of improperly disposed plastic waste in the United States in 2016 ranged between 0.98 million and 1.26 million tons, which means that it is between 2.33 and 2.99 percent of total plastic waste. Internationally, nearly 50% of plastic waste recycled by countries is done through international trade. in 2016, the United States exported 1.99 million tons of waste plastic to 89 trading partners. more than 88% was exported to countries with improper waste disposal rates above 20%.


Niutech Pyrolysis can contribute to solve the problem

Industrial continuous waste plastic pyrolysis technology and equipment can handle a wide range of raw materials. It has the advantages of low energy consumption, excellent treatment effect, and long service life. Whole pyrolysis equipment has bocome a key development direction recognized by foreign countries. Niutech has successfully cooperated with many countries in Germany, the United States, Britain, Denmark, Brazil, Hungary, Turkey, Estonia, Iraq, India, Thailand, etc., and is committed to the promotion and application of harmless, reduction and recycling treatment of waste plastics worldwide.


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