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Waste Plastic Chemical Circular Is Ushering In New Opportunities
03 March 2023

Niutech Pyrolysis comprehensively promotes the industrial application of pyrolysis technology in the chemical cycle, and continues to make efforts for the treatment of "white pollution".

Chemical Recycling: Breaking The Status Quo Of Waste Plastics
09 November 2022

The industrial continuous waste plastic pyrolysis technology and equipment developed by Niutech Environment Technology Corporation is the advanced recycling technology in the field of waste plastic chemical recycling.

Advanced Recycling Bring Industrial Elevation To The Disposal Of Plastic Waste Recyling
10 October 2022

Theindustrial continuous plastic waste pyrolysis production line self research and development by Niutech, an advanced plastic recycling technology and equipment from China, can process single and mixed plastic like PP, PE, PS, etc. that can be converted into fuel oil, solid fuel and non-condensable combustible gas. It can realize minimization, resourceful and hazard-free treatment to plastic waste under the premise of safety, environmental protection, continuous and stable operation.

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