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Advanced Recycling Bring Industrial Elevation To The Disposal Of Plastic Waste Recyling

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More and more attention being drawed on advanced plastic recycling which will bring industrial elevation to the disposal of plastic waste recyling

First and foremost, what is advanced plastic recycling?

Advanced plastic recycling is also called chemical recycling or advanced recycling. It refers to the technology of coverting platic waste to its original building blocks, specialty ploymers, new plastics, chemical products and other non-fuel feedstocks.

With the intensifying of global white pollution, more and more attention is being drawed on plastic pollution and management. Nowadays, advanced plastic recycling technology is taking over the position of traditional recylcing ways of increasingly, which would help in converting more plastic waste into new products. Most of the plastic waste can be recycled again and again, like “infinite recycling”.

advanced recycling

In order to fulfill commercial demand, the complexity of plastic packaging is changing constantly, which might bring challenges to the traditional recycling way. However, the advanced plastic recycling can fix the insufficient solution from traditional recycling.  

Advanced recycling is the key section of ending platic waste and avoiding plastic pollution to environment, which can capture and reutilize most of the plastic waste that has not been recycled yet. As a supplement way to tradditional recycling, the advanced recycling can produce high-performance plastics for food, medical and pharmacy. This is a major breakthrough for plastic recycling field, and it is crucial to realize sustainable development.

Let’s take a glimp all over the world, the U.S. plans to realize 100% reutilization and recycling to plastic waste packaging in 2040; and most of the EU counties strongly advocate advanced recycling for plastic and legislate on mangaging plastic usage and recycling.

The advanced recycling can not only recycle single and high-value plastics, but also the following plastic products:

Mixed plastics. Pyrolysis as a representative way of advanced recycling to process mixed plastics that are uncategorized, which including different kinds of plastic packaging for chips, nacks, food and even toys.

Plastic foam containers. The application of polystyrene foam plastics is usually for protective packaging, packing things and left overs. Nowadays,the polystyrene can be recovered to its original status through advanced recycling technology, which can be used repeatedly.  

High performance recycled plastics for food, medical and pharmacy. The difference compared with the most traditional ways of recycling is that the advanced recycling enables manufacturers to produce high performace platics, and the plastics that are made through advanced recycling process can have the same purity and high performance with brand new or raw plastics.

All in all, advanced recycling is a more comprehensive and inclusive recycling technology, through which, plastic waste can reach its optimal application as much as possible. And it also can meet the requirements both environmentally and economically.

Theindustrial continuous plastic waste pyrolysis production line self research and development by Niutech, an advanced plastic recycling technology and equipment from China, can process single and mixed plastic like PP, PE, PS, etc. that can be converted into fuel oil, solid fuel and non-condensable combustible gas. It can realize minimization, resourceful and hazard-free treatment to plastic waste under the premise of safety, environmental protection, continuous and stable operation.

The whole set of technology and equipment can process not only single type of plastic waste, but also those low-value plastic products that are hard to be separated and complicated in composition. Pyrolysis rate of this production line is more than 99%, which can realize resourceful recycling and circulating utilization to the fullest extent.

waste plastic pyrolysis plant

Niutech's pyrolysis projects of plastic waste disposal have landed in Denmark, Thailand, etc., which set good models to advanced recycling for creating benefits economically, environmentally and socially.


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