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Waste Plastic Chemical Circular Is Ushering In New Opportunities

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AMI Consulting released the report "Chemical Recycling, Global Status 2022", which determined that the global chemical recycling input capacity in 2022 is close to 1.2 million tons, and Europe is currently leading the development of chemical recycling technology.

The report also pointed out that by 2030, advanced recycling technology can process an additional 5 million to 15 million tons of plastic waste per year.

waste plastic chemical cycle

With the intensification of "white pollution", the harm caused by waste plastics is increasingly affecting people's lives. The recycling of waste plastics is also an issue mentioned by the United Nations Environment Program many times. "Plastic reduction" has also become an important environmental issue.

The recycling and reuse of waste plastics has become an important topic at present. The application of PCR (post-consumer recycled plastics) is becoming more and more extensive. Chemical giants are actively conducting research on the chemical cycle of waste plastics.

Chemical Giants Are In Waste Plastic Chemical Circular Field

A number of global chemical giants have entered the field and launched new products for chemical recycling:

Nexus Circular and Dow Chemical convert film waste into raw materials for food contact, health, hygiene and fitness products.

Shell uses waste plastic pyrolysis oil in Singapore's Energy and Chemical Industrial Park.

SABIC is also involved in the chemical recycling project of Ocean Plastics (OBP), making certified round polymer PE, which comes from marine litter.

Total Energy signs an agreement to supply post-consumer recycled (PCR) raw materials to a new plastic waste treatment facility using innovative technologies to be used as feedstock for the production of recycled polymers.

BASF invested in Quantafuel to develop and improve a process for making pyrolysis oil from mixed plastic waste, which is pyrolyzed to obtain pyrolysis oil and purified for reuse.

Niutech Pyrolsis also seizes the oppotunity to join the chemical circular. Based on more than 30 years of experience in pyrolysis technology, Niutech continue to cultivate in the field of waste plastic chemical cycle, and deal with "white pollution" with professional waste plastic pyrolysis technology and equipment. 

Pyrolysis technology is to produce pyrolysis oil from single or mixed plastics such as PP, PE, PS, etc. After pyrolysis, it can be further processed into raw materials for the preparation of new plastic products (PCR). The pyrolysis technology and equipment have been applied in many countries, and also cover many provinces and cities in China.

waste plastic pyrolysis

With the development of waste plastic chemical circular, PCR are increasing applied in life. Recycled plastics are not only used in packaging, but also in other areas.

Industrial production, textiles, automobiles, and even mobile phones, computer accessories, and household appliances are full of recycled plastics.

The waste plastic chemical cycle can not only treat plastic waste and control "white pollution" to create good environmental benefits, but also   reduce the consumption of petroleum resources, save energy, and create good economic benefits. Meanwhile, The use of PCR in plastic packaging can greatly reduce taxes or even tax exemptions, thereby enhancing the competitiveness and brand influence of enterprises.

AMI Consulting pointed out that the critical development period of the waste plastic chemical cycle is coming. Niutech Pyrolysis comprehensively promotes the industrial application of pyrolysis technology in the chemical cycle, and continues to make efforts for the treatment of "white pollution".


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