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Pyrolysis Technology Solves "White Pollution" by Turning Waste Plastics into Fuel
12 October 2023

Plastic is an non-degradable pollutant that is difficult to degrade naturally in water and soil. When publicly incinerated, they are restricted due to the release of toxic gases that cause air pollution. Plastic as a physical barrier tends to disturb the environmental balance by causing drains to dr

China's Green Development In The New Era & Pyrolysis Technology
01 February 2023

Niutech provides industrial continuous pyrolysis technology and equipment to the world. It mainly solves the problems of resource disposal and recycling of solid waste, hazardous waste, waste plastics, waste tires, oil sludge and so on.

New Pastic Recycling Technology To Curb The Proliferation Of Waste Plastic
21 October 2022

Industrial continuous waste plastic pyrolysis technology and equipment can handle a wide range of raw materials. It has the advantages of low energy consumption, excellent treatment effect, and long service life. Whole pyrolysis equipment has bocome a key development direction recognized by foreign countries.

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