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New Frontier New Impetus | Niutech Going to show up at IFAT Munich 2024

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As a global leader in pyrolysis technology, Niutech carries a new environmental protection concept, strong capability in organic waste disposal diversity and diversified business fields, fully realizing terminal disposal, recycling and economic benefits of organic waste resources, helping to promote the sustainable development of the world’s environmental protection industry, effective value circulation in the carbon field, and becoming an important strategic driving force for global economic development. As the world’s largest and most professional trade fair, IFAT Munich 2024 will be held from May 13 to May 17, at Messe München.

Following the “Global Waste Free” concept, Niutech is specialized in pyrolysis technology for 40 years, converting organic and polymer wastes into pyrolysis outputs with high economic value through the integrated solutions of advanced pyrolysis technology, complete equipment and operation services. Niutech participates in IFAT Munich 2024 as a main exhibitor, and our professional sales team will be at B4/133, looking forward to communicating with you. Niutech will display the world’s leading pyrolysis technology achievements, project cases all over the world, as well as the latest generation of high-end intelligent environmental protection equipment and complete solutions.

A new frontier of environmental protection A new impetus for recycling!

Let’s meet in Munich in May!



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