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Spilling Oil Can Be Restored By Niutech’s Pyrolysis Technology And Equipment
29 October 2022

For Niutech pyrolysis production line, the disposal rate of oil sludge is more than 99%, and it is no need to separate the stones, plastic pollutants, biomass and organic matter, which can be directly treated by Niutech pyrolysis production line.

Niutech Pyrolysis Solution “Turns Oily Sludge Into Treasure”
02 June 2022

NIUTECH’s industrial continuous pyrolysis production line can now process diversified oily sludge (HW08) including oilfield sludge, refinery sludge, tank bottom sludge, oil base drilling cuttings, oil contained waste, landing sludge and so on. This pyrolysis plant can continuous feeding and discharging for 24 hours.

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