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Validating the role of chemical recycling with the life cycle of plastics
24 March 2023

the industrial continuous waste plastics pyrolysis equipment provided by Niutech is a perfect solution to the dual benefits of recycling treatment and environmental protection and ecology, and the pyrolysis oil produced by its disposal is a widely used and highly valuable renewable resource, which is increasingly used in fuel substitution and recycled plastics.

Global Pyrolysis Equipments Are In A State Of Spewing
18 February 2023

Industrial continuous pyrolysis equipment developed by Niutech is in the forefront of the world in terms of performance and quality. At present, its pyrolysis technology and equipment have been cooperated and applied in more than 20 countries around the world. The whole set of pyrolysis equipment is very suitable and excellent for the disposal and compatibility of various raw materials.

Chemical Recycling: Breaking The Status Quo Of Waste Plastics
09 November 2022

The industrial continuous waste plastic pyrolysis technology and equipment developed by Niutech Environment Technology Corporation is the advanced recycling technology in the field of waste plastic chemical recycling.

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