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Information about Waste Plastic Pollution

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Different kinds of disposable plastic products have been widely used in residents’ lives, especially with the development of new industry such as e-commerce, express delivery and take- out, the consumption of plastic lunch boxes and plastic packaging has risen rapidly. Without proper regulation and control of plastic management, these plastic have been discard randomly, result in great environment risk and huge White Pollution.One. What is Plastic ?
Plastic is a kind of polymer organic compound, which is a general term for thermoplastic molding materials such as filling, plasticizing and coloring. It belongs to a class of high molecular organic polymer families.
Two. Plastic Classification
According to the characteristics of the plastic after molding, it can be divided into thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic materials.
Thermoplastic is a chain linear molecular structure that softens after being heated and can repeatedly replicate products. The thermosetting plastic has a network structure and is permanently deformed after being processed by heat, and cannot be repeatedly processed and replicated.
Three. Common Plastic in Daily Life
Normally, plastic materials in our life are usually PE, PP ,PS, PVC and PET.

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