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Global Pyrolysis Equipments Are In A State Of Spewing

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Recently, the development of global waste plasic recycling technology is faster and faster. In the field, there are a series of announcements related to capital projects, development partnerships and supply agreements.

Among chemical recycling technologies, the pyrolysis process has always been dominant. In recent months, pyrolysis plant in Europe and the United States have sprung up in the Atlantic Ocean.

In May 2022, Total Energies announced that it signed a contract with New Hope Energy in Texas, USA, to receive 100,000 tons of pyrolysis oil per year. The pyrolysis plant will be used to turn waste plastics to fuel oil and carbon black. To support contract, New Hope Energy is planning to expand the capacity of the Sany Oak pyrolysis plant, hoping to reach a capacity of 16,000 tons/year by the end of 2022 and 156,000 tons/year by 2025.

In addition, BP entered into a 10-year naphtha offtake agreement with Clean Planet Energy. Under the agreement, BP will receive the first batch of circulating petrochemical feedstock and ultra-low sulphur diesel to be produced at Clean Planet Energy's 20,000 mt/year pyrolysis plant built in Teesside, UK. In the future, BP will obtain these products at its plants outside of Teesside through Clean Planet Energy. Clean Planet Energy says it plans to build up to 12 plants around the world.

plastic pyrolysis

With the increasing demand for pyrolysis oil, other companies are building industrial-scale projects. In May 2022, Xycle, a joint venture between Royal Fripro, NoWIT and Patpert Teknow Systems, announced it plans to start construction of a 20,000-tonne/year pyrolysis plant in Rotterdam, by the end of 2022. with operations It is expected to be put into operation in the fourth quarter of 2023. Xycle said that its ultimate goal is to operate a pyrolysis capacity of 80,000~100,000 tons/year.

In April 2022, Freepoint Eco Systems announced that it will continue construct a plastic waste pyrolysis plant with a capacity of approximately 90,000 tons per year. The plant will be completed in 2023. In October 2021, Freepoint will partner with Total Energies and Plastic Energy to build a 33,000 mtpa pyrolysis plant in Texas, U.S. The facility is scheduled to come online in mid-2024. In addition, Total Energies is partnering with Plastic Energy to build a 15,000 mt/year conversion plant at the Grampi petrochemical complex in France, scheduled to start up next year. The two companies are also building a 33,000 tpy pyrolysis facility in Seville, Spain, which will be commissioned in early 2025.

With the maturity of chemical recycling around the world, pyrolysis oil has also received more and more attention and utilization. Pyrolysis oil will become an important resource in terms of oil resources. The definition of pyrolysis oil quality and requirements will be more standardized. 

pyrolysis plant

Industrial continuous pyrolysis equipment developed by Niutech is in the forefront of the world in terms of performance and quality. At present, its pyrolysis technology and equipment have been cooperated and applied in more than 20 countries around the world. The whole set of pyrolysis equipment is very suitable and excellent for the disposal and compatibility of various raw materials.


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