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Which Kinds Of Waste Platics Are Suitable For Waste Pyrolysis Machine?

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“White pollution" caused by waste plastics is a serious environmental problem that has been plaguing mankind for a long time. Due to the complexity and prevalence of the plastic pollution problem, no suitable solution has been found. It was not until the advent of pyrolysis technology that this long-standing deadlock was broken. Waste pyrolysis technology is recognized as the most effective method to solve waste plastics, which refines people’s attitude.  People should regard waste plastics as a reuseable resource, and the pyrolysis disposal of waste plastics is a way of recycling waste resources. Waste plastic pyrolysis technology prolongs the lifeline of plastic utilization.

Classification of plastic

The oil yield is an important basis for evaluating the efficiency of plastic pyrolysis process

Because of the different components of plastics, the pyrolysis oil rate produced by each type of waste plastic is different.  The oil yield determines the economic benefits of pyrolysis of each waste plastic.  

The output and application of waste plastic pyrolysis

Waste plastic pyrolysis machine is to complete the pyrolysis reaction and convert waste plastics into pyro oil, and solid fuel in the oxygen-free or oxygen-poor environment. In the whole process, there is no harmful substances. Plastic pyro oil can not only be used as fuel for heating, but also can be processed again to be refined into non-standard diesel oil.

Classification of waste plastics

High-value plastics are suitable for pyrolysis, such as PE, PP, PS, white plastic cloth, instant noodle packaging bag, plastic trademark, paper mill waste, plastic household waste, pure plastic cable sheath, clean plastic bag and agricultural mulch. The oil yield of waste plastics such as PVC and PET is very low. so in terms of economic benefits and treatment costs, it is not suitable to use pyrolysis technology to deal with.

Industrial continuous waste plastic pyrolysis equipment developed by Niutech can completely process waste plastic. The flue gas purification system can remove the harmful substances and the flue gas discharged into the atmosphere can meet the emission standards in various countries and regions.

The pyrolysis machine has advantages in efficiency and performance for mixed waste plastics and low-value waste plastics. Its circulation system can directly use the waste heat of the flue gas for the equipment itself, which greatly reduces the operating cost and improves the economic profit.

In the plastic waste disposal factories in Europe and South Korea,  waste pyrolysis equipment is exerting high efficiency. It can process complex waste plastic and household waste plastic into pyrolysis oil, which can be used for automobile and mechanical power after further vulcanization treatment.

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