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What's The Recycling and Utilization Value of Scrap Tires?

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In the late 1980s and early 1990s, most scrap tires were disposed in public place or landfill site, only 11% of which were recycled.

Owe to the benefit from modern technology and reprocessing technics, this number has been raised greatly; in the US, for example, its annual scrap tires recycling rate has jumped up to 81.4%; In Finland, the number has reached up to 90%. Nevertheless, there were still hundreds of millions of scrap tires being disposed in each year.

These are large amount of scrap tires, which has led to environmental pollution and space occupation. Meanwhile, this is also a gigantic business opportunity: scrap tire recycling.  There are three categories of tire recycling: Tire Derived Fuel (TDF) product, civil engineering application, and also being used to manufacture rubber powder or reclaimed rubber, etc. after milling. Based on the types of recycled tire, they can be converted into TDF and carbon black, as well as obtaining steel wire, etc.

If you were an entrepreneur with environmental protection mindset, then tire recycling is the kind of business that worth your consideration. It only takes a little effort for you to dig a fortune over the scrap tire recycling business.

scrap tire

Advantages of tire recycling

Tire recycling can save spaces for landfill site. Due to the hollow round shape of tires, they might occupy large spaces at landfill site. Recycling tires and other heavy objects would save much more spaces for those that cannot be easily recycled. Tire recycling can also create new salutary products. TDF is the example product from waste tire pyrolysis, which can save more energy comparing with regular fuel. Other useful products made from scraptires are artificial turf playground, railway sleeper and rubber asphalt.

Besides, tire recycling can also help in preventing the spreading of diseases. Scrap tires can be the nest of rodents and mosquitos. Through scrap tire recycling, it would help in eliminating those pests. Thus, this can prevent diseases that caused by such animals.

Niutech: a whole set of industrial continuous scrap tire pyrolysis technology and equipment

Niutech, a technical company from China, has developed a technology for scrap tire recycling, the purpose of which is to convert scrap tires into TDF, carbon black and few steel wire.  The yield of TDF is around 40% to 45%, it can be directly sold to industrial enterprises, such as cement plant, glass factory, ceramics factory, power plant, steel plant, boiler factory, etc. or for heavy oil generator to generate electricity; it also can be processed by distillation equipment to obtain fuel oil that is close to standard gasoline or diesel. Carbon black is a crucial ingredient in chemical industry, and steel wire can be raw material for steel plant.

Niutech's whole set of technical product has been sold to countries such as Germany, the UK, US, Hungary, Turkey, Estonia, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Iraq, etc., which has been praised by the clients for bringing better economic, environmental and social benefits.

German waste tire pyrolysis to oil

A scrap tire disposal base of Germany adopts Niutech’s pyrolysis technical equipment that can make fully use of scrap tire and create better economic and environmental benefits.

Hungary scrap tire pyrolysis project

The Hungary scrap tire disposal project, funded by the EU, also adopted Niutech's scrap tire pyrolysis equipment.

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