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Treatment of Solid Waste Pollution by Pyrolysis Technology

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There are many types of solid waste, which usually refer to solid and semi-solid waste generated by human beings in production, consumption, life and other activities. Solid waste generated in life is commonly known as "household waste".

We generate a lot of waste in daily life, such as kitchen waste, waste plastics, waste tires, etc. Improper handling creates an unsanitary environment, which further leads to environmental contamination and outbreaks of vector-borne diseases, such as those borne by rodents and insects.

Organic matter in life waste usually has a high content. It has a certain amount of energy in it and can be used as a resource. Therefore, garbage is a "treasure" that is misplaced.

solid waste recycling

The resource attributes of waste pose challenges and requirements for its management and disposal. In addition to solving technical problems, there are also need to solve various administrative, economic and social problems.

Taking plastic waste, which is the world’s highest-generating solid waste, as an example, about 400 million tons of waste plastics are generated globally every year, only about 9% of which are recycled. And the rest are mainly disposed by incineration or directly flow into the natural environment. If these plastics are used to make oil products, they can be used as a substitute for petroleum raw materials, and they can be used as resources while disposing of garbage, which can be described as a "win-win".

There are many ways to deal with organic solid waste, such as landfill, compost, incineration and power generation, etc. Pyrolysis technology has proven to be a promising method for solid waste treatment. For example, the famous documentary "Plastic Ocean" introduced the pyrolysis treatment of waste plastics in detail.

Pyrolysis decomposes the high molecular polymer in the organic waste more thoroughly, making it return to the state of small molecules or monomers, and produces liquid, solid and gaseous products, under the premise of safety, environmental protection, continuous and stable operation, to achieve harmless, reduced disposal and resource utilization of organic waste.

Niutech Environmental Protection Pyrolysis Treatment Method

Industrial continuous solid waste pyrolysis production line can process various solid wastes such as waste tires, waste plastics, household garbage, oily sludge, etc.. The outputs are carbon black and fuel oil, realizing resourceful, harmless and reduced disposal of solid waste.

pyrolysis plant

As a scientifically innovative company, the products of Niutech have received widespread attention worldwide. Products are exported to four continents, covering Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, Denmark, Brazil, Hungary, Malaysia, India, Thailand and other countries. Pyrolysis technology provides strong technical support and solutions for the local pollution treatment, creating good economic benefits.


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