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The Waste Plastic Recycling Rate Is Expected To 50% In 2023

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The Plastics Circulation Industry Joint Green Initiative Coalition has officially released a white paper on green initiatives for 2022. It comprehensively shows the Alliance's "green" achievements, analyzes the situation of the plastics industry and the requirements of recycling development. It proposes plastic recycling solutions to support the construction of a green, low-carbon and circular economic system in China. The white paper points out that with the improvement of global waste plastics recycling technology and the increase of production capacity, the global waste plastics recycling rate is expected to reach 50% by 2030, of which physical recycling accounts for 22%, and chemical recycling accounts for 17%, with huge room for growth.

Plastic Recycling Industry Joint Green Action Alliance by Sinopec jointly with Tongji University ecological civilization and other 23 research institutes to promote the whole industry chain exchange and cooperation, to create a new model of plastics recycling economy. The Alliance will make a positive contribution to reducing plastic pollution and China's vision to achieve the goal of carbon neutral carbon peak.

Plastic recycling refers to the recycling and reprocessing of existing plastic waste into plastic products for reuse or reuse by consumers, extending the life cycle of use. The plastic cycle is divided into five main stages: plastic production, plastic consumption, plastic waste, plastic recycling, and recycling processing. In China, each link in the plastic recycling chain is of great importance.


Plastic is not a pollutant, and improper management of plastic waste is the main impact factor of plastic waste on the environment. The long-term accumulation of waste plastics in the environment will lead to environmental pollution and waste of energy resources. The development of plastic recycling economy is one of the main means to solve the plastic problem. While reducing plastic waste pollution to protect the ecological environment, waste plastics can be made to re-generate economic value so that the plastic cycle can operate stably.

Of all waste plastics, disposal of mixed and low-value waste plastics remains the most difficult and the main cause of plastic pollution. In this regard the emergence of waste plastic cracking technology promises to be the best solution for their mixed waste plastics. Pyrolysis technology can convert waste plastics into fuel oil and process it into fuel. Alternatively, it can be returned to the production of new plastics again, allowing for a true plastics cycle. Plastic pyrolysis ensures that the quality of the plastic is the same as the original plastic, which is different from physical recycling where the recycled plastic is downgraded after a few processing cycles.

To completely solve the waste plastic pollution, waste plastics process requires mature and stable technology and treatment equipment. In this regard, the industrial continuous waste plastic pyrolysis equipment developed by Niutech perfectly solves the benefits of recycling and ecological protection. The waste plastic pyrolysis oil can be called highly valuable renewable resource. At present, the pyrolysis technology has been applied in more than twenty countries around the world, and has formed technical cooperation with chemical giants.

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