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The "Code" Of Infinite Recycling Of Waste Plastics - Chemical Recycling

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The United Nations Environment Programme reports that approximately 4.8-12.7 million tons of plastic are released into the oceans globally each year and spread around the world with ocean currents. In recent years humans have even found plastic debris in the Marianas Trench, the deepest part of the ocean floor. Without effective interventions, the amount of plastic waste entering aquatic ecosystems is expected to nearly triple to 23-37 million tons per year by 2040.

waste plastic recycling

Plastic waste is currently the highest volume of solid waste in the world, and the "white pollution" caused by it is the current global pollution crisis. Although the slogan of "reducing plastic" has been shouted non-stop, the harm caused by plastic waste has not been reduced, but has become more and more serious. 

How to realize the recycling of waste plastics? This is an important environmental issue that has long been faced globally.

With the advancement of science and technology and in-depth R&D on waste plastics treatment, chemical recycling of waste plastics has become an important way to recycle waste plastics nowadays.

Plastics are polymeric compounds made from monomers and polymerized through addition or condensation reactions. Pyrolysis is a complex reaction process, consisting of a series of chemical and physical transformations through the combined effect of decomposition and condensation of organic matter into gaseous, liquid and solid components with small relative molecular masses under oxygen-free or oxygen-poor conditions at certain temperatures, using the thermal instability of polymers.

The waste plastic pyrolysis technology and equipment independently developed by Niutech can produce fuel oil and non-condensable combustible gas through relatively thorough decomposition of single or mixed plastics such as PP, PE, and PS. This set of pyrolysis technology and equipment can achieve pyrolysis rate of >99%, and realize resource recovery and recycling to the greatest extent. The whole set of equipment has low operating cost, high degree of resource utilization, and good environmental benefits. In recent years, it has become the mainstream treatment and resource utilization technology of waste plastics at domestic and abroad.

waste plastic pyrolysis machine

Niutech's pyrolysis technology and equipment process waste plastics, and truly grasp the "curse" of infinite recycling of waste plastics, turning hundreds of millions of tons of "white garbage" into valuable resources. Many types of difficult-to-dispose plastics can be processed by pyrolysis. For example, PET, as a polyester plastic, can easily obtain its monomers through hydrolysis, but the separation of monomers requires high costs. However, through pyrolysis technology, PET can be easily depolymerized, recycled into chemical materials and fuels, and realized its recycling.

Plastic waste is not only a global pollution problem, but also a high carbon content, low cost and globally available raw material. Circular economy is gradually becoming the future development direction of the plastics industry. With the promotion of pyrolysis represented by Niutech, chemical recycling will show a better economic prospect.


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