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Recycling And Reuse Of Waste Plastics By Pyrolysis Technology

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According to the consumption demand data of the plastics industry, the total amount of plastic waste generated globally is around 300 million tons per year, and the cumulative plastic waste generated globally from 1950-2017 is about 90 tons or more. The new plastic waste plus the accumulated plastic waste not only seriously pollute the soil, water and ecosystem, but also is a great waste of resources.

The current global mainstream waste plastics disposal method is physical sorting and recycling, i.e. sorting, cleaning, melting and granulating of waste plastics. The disadvantage of this disposal method is that only clean waste plastics can be recovered, which requires high quality and limited quantity of waste plastics to be recovered. However, most of the plastic in the environment is clinging to debris. This portion of the plastic can often only be simply recycled for use at the lower end of the market, and the value of recycling is extremely low. This type of plastic is difficult to recycle by melting and repelletizing, and can only be landfilled and incinerated. According to statistics, nearly 50% of waste plastics will be landfilled and incinerated, resulting in a great waste of resources.

Pyrolysis of low-value waste plastics into fuel oil that can replace petrochemical resources can transform petrochemical companies into a low-carbon recycling industry. Further polymerization through chemical cycles yields the same high-quality plastic as virgin plastic. The industrial continuous waste plastic pyrolysis technology and equipment mastered by Hengyu Environmental Protection can crack waste and low-value plastics into chemical raw materials, realize high-value recycling of waste plastics, and greatly reduce dependence on petroleum resources.

low carbon environment

1. Improve product quality.

In the field of physical recycling, the brightness, strength, and heat resistance of recycled plastics are improved. According to the classification of recycling plastics, the heat resistance, strength, and transparency of recycled plastics are improved by adding modifiers.

2. Recycled out of plastic derivatives.

Research for recycled plastic applications will continue to receive extensive attention. The proportion of consumption accounted for by recycled plastic products will be greatly enhanced in all aspects of life.

3. Pyrolysis technology can convert low-value waste plastics into oil by pyrolysis and then refined into diesel, gasoline, fuel oil, gas and other raw materials.

4. Forcing the supporting technology and equipment of waste plastics recycling to upgrade.

With the improvement of waste plastics disposal technology, the industry continues to integrate upward, and upstream enterprises will also usher in a new wave of technological upgrades.

pyrolysis plant

As the era of carbon reduction has fully opened, plastic waste recycling has become an inescapable solution for the sustainable development of the plastics industry. So far, The physical sorting and chemical recycling of waste plastics from the garbage is separated and regenerated, relying on powerful clean catalytic regeneration technology, modified recycling technology, etc., circumventing the problem of pollution from traditional plastic recycling. This pyrolysis industry will become another huge industrial chain that is inseparable from human development after petrochemical industry and energy industry.


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