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Pyrolysis Technology Promotes Global Waste Tire Recycling

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Construction of scrap tire disposal projects is accelerating. With high prices of raw materials such as carbon black, scrap tire recycling projects are scrambling to expand. 

Canadian scrap tire pyrolysis process equipment manufacturer Kline Industries Inc. has increased its capacity with the opening of its 16th global subsidiary in Australia. Scandinavian Enviro Systems, another company dedicated to the recycling of waste tire pyrolysis, has a 10-year expansion plan to build 30 scrap tire recycling plants by 2030.

Currently, Scandinavian Enviro Systems moves forward with the establishment of its second scrap tire pyrolysis plant project. It has submitted an application for a construction permit in Udvara, Sweden, according to an announcement it made Sept. 27. The plant plans to process up to 60,000 metric tons of scrap tires per year, almost half of Sweden's total annual scrap tire volume.


The global demand for scrap tire recycling has increased.

As the increase growing of global demand for scrap tires, more and more scrap tire projects are being built. And most of these companies are expanding at a faster pace because they see the value that comes from the pyrolysis of waste tires. Especially in 2022, the price of tyre pyrolysis oil  and other raw materials continue to break new highs, pyrolysis manufacturer usheres in opportunities for expansion and development.

What are the products of waste tire pyrolysis?

In the global "waste tire recycling boom", many people are curious about the value of recycled waste tires.  In fact, its pyrolysis product alone, carbon black, can generate huge revenues for companies. Since carbon black can also be reused in the production of rubber products such as tires, both pyrolysis companies and tire companies have a high demand for this product. The price of carbon black rose all the way up in 2022 due to the fluctuating price of coal tar, which is driving the development of the scrap tire recycling industry. As the scale of global tire recycling projects continues to expand, it is expected that the demand for waste tires will also increase year by year—the price of waste tire recycling will rise in the short term.

The application and development of the waste tire pyrolysis process has played a key role in making waste tire recycling so hot. As the ultimate treatment method for waste tires, pyrolysis technology can truly achieve close to 100% complete treatment and utilization of waste tires. The waste tires can be converted into fuel oil, carbon black, steel wire and other high value-added energy products.

pyrolysis plant

Niutech's Industrial continuous waste tire pyrolysis production line

Niutech has focused and accumulated more than 30 years in the research and development of organic waste pyrolysis technology. The self-developed industrial continuous waste tire pyrolysis production line realizes the environmentally friendly pyrolysis disposal of waste tires by thoroughly decomposing the high molecular polymers in waste tires and returning them to the state of small molecules or monomers. The equipment has greatly reduced the operating cost and achieved significant commercial benefits through continuous feeding and discharging of materials, circulation of flue gas, waste heat, and oil products. Whole equipment has smart control system, which greatly saves manpower and operating costs. This product has been used in more than 20 countries and regions around the world.


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