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Pyrolysis Technology Achieves 100% Recycling Of Scrap Tires

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The prefect ending for one billion scrap tires in the whole world every year_ Pyrolysis technology achieves 100% recycling.

Tires also have the lifespan. When tires get old, worn out and beyond repair, they are often abandoned in landfills which leads to a serious environmental problems.  

What is tire recycling?

Tire recycling, as known as rubber recycling, refers to the recycling of old vehicle tire which are not available for use on the vehicle due to wear and tear or irreparable damage.

Normally, due to wear and tear, such tires (also called scrap tires) are no longer useful and become solid waste. Scrap tires are also one of the largest and most challenging solid wastes in the world.

More than a billion scrap tires are produced every year. Among them, the US produce more than 300 million waste tires every year and China produce 350 million waste tires every year.


How to process scrap tires?

Scrap tires can be handled in many ways, such as building material, directly placed in zoos, gyms, dock guar and more. There are also people who use scrap tires to make sculptures, arts and crafts, etc. At present, the most important ways to recycle scrap tire on a large scale are retreading, reclaimed rubber, pyrolysis and other methods.

As the ultimate treatment method of scrap tire, pyrolysis can truly realize the harmless, deductive treatment and resource utilization of scrap tires. Scrap tire can be converted into fuel oil, carbon black, steel wire and other high value-added products. Advanced technology and equipment ensure the process of the energy saving, high efficiency, safety and environment-friendly. The comprehensive utilization of scrap tire can reach to 100%.

Niutech has been focusing in waste polymer pyrolysis industrial for more than 30 years. The industrial continuous scrap tire pyrolysis production line which is independent researched and developed by Niutech can decompose the polymer to small molecule or monomer status and obtain the outputs of fuel oi, carbon black and steel wire. This set of technology and equipment won the National Science and Technology Progress Award. Under the premise of safety, environmental protection and continuous and stable operation, this production line can realize the harmless reduction and resource recycling of scrap tire.

Industrial continuous scrap tire pyrolysis production line

The pyrolysis production line supplied by Niutech has been sold to Germany, Denmark, Brazil, Hungary, Turkey, Estonia, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Iraq and other countries. Meanwhile, this production line also has been set up in in Xinjiang, Hunan, Hubei, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Guangdong and other project sites.

The successful delivery of the German project indicates that the Niutech equipment has met the strict requirements of the EU in terms of environmental protection and technical performance.

German waste tire pyrolysis plant

The Hungarian project is funded by the EU, and has obtained the approved certification of the authorized institutions of the European Union.

Hungary pyrolysis project

China Hunan scrap tire pyrolysis project has been included in the list of Key Project in province. Through harmless treatment and efficient recycling of scrap tire, this project has become the well-known benchmark project in scrap tire pyrolysis industry.

Chinese scrap tire pyrolysis project

China Shandong scrap tire pyrolysis project is listed in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s “Scrap Tire Comprehensive Utilization Access Conditions”. This project is identified as the "National Key Environmental Protection Technology Demonstration Project", "China Scrap Tire Pyrolysis Demonstration base".

Scrap tire pyrolysis technology not only saves the space needed for tire stacking and landfilling, but also can prevent fire and pollution problem caused by tire stacking.

Meanwhile, pyrolysis process of the scrap tire can generate valuable outputs which are fuel oil, carbon black and steel wire with high marketing value. It also avoids the secondary environmental pollution caused by incineration. So, pyrolysis is the ultimate way to process tire. Choose pyrolysis, choose Niutech.

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