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Is The Value Of Scrap Tires High?

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With the development of auto industry, the scrap tires as an accessory are also being generated more and more.

Is the value of scrap tires high?

There's value in the scrap tire, but the scrap tire always be sold to recycle bin and refuse treatment plant as waste. The hidden value in the scrap tire is very high.


First, we should know the composition of the scrap tire. The tire consists of artificial rubber, natural rubber, steel wire and carbon black. The recovered scrap tires can be reused.

There are a few applications of recovered scrap tire as follows:

1. Retreading: Tire retreading technology is the technology of reusing tires that have been worn or damaged for other reasons.

2. Tire recycled rubber: Regenerating technology of tire rubber powder is that the scrap tire rubber powder equipment is used to crush rubber into 20~30 mesh rubber powder firstly, then the rubber powder is desulfurized. The rubber powder is re-formed into a softened regenerated rubber with arbitrary plasticity to re-produce any rubber products. This technology cause environment pollution easily.

3. Tire recycled rubber powder: Waterproof roll is mainly used to leakage treatment of houses. Now most houses will do waterproof and leak proof work, the technology rubber powder is also the main raw material.

4. Scrap tire oil refining: The oil refining technology of scrap tire is to refine fuel oil from scrap tire by heating and pressurizing. There’s higher requirements of this method. The recovery rate of this method is high and the secondary pollution is not easy to cause.

pyrolysis plant

Scrap tire pyrolysis is the method of "scrap tire oil refining". This is a process that thermally decomposes almost all organic substances, avoiding the emission of pollutants from conventional tire waste treatment such as combustion, pyrolysis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds, etc. Therefore, it is considered an environmentally friendly solution.

The scrap tire pyrolysis is wildly industrial used in many companies all around the world and gotten good economic benefit. The friendliness to the environment also makes this method one of the most popular ways to dispose of scrap tires today.

From one Chinese scrap tire pyrolysis equipment supplier-Niutech. Niutech accumulated more than 30 years' experience on waste polymer pyrolysis technology researching. Niutech industrial continuous scrap tire pyrolysis production line makes the polymer in the scrap tire is completely decomposed, so that it returns to the state of small molecules or monomer, the output of fuel oil, carbon black, steel wire, under the condition of safe, environmental protection, continuous and stable operation, to realize the recycling, harmless, reduced disposal of the scrap tire.

The environmental problems caused by scrap tires are resolved and the high-value add-on products such as carbon black, steel wire and pyrolysis oil etc. can be generated simultaneously. Under the background of global carbon black and crude oil prices increasing, these outputs are high value commodities.

Therefore, Niutech pyrolysis technology and equipment application is realized in many countries and religions in the global. The "black pollution" caused by scrap tires is resolved perfectly.

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