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How To Dispose Of "Waste Plastic Continent" ?

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There is a place in the Pacific Ocean that is called the "Eighth Continent" of the world. It is 1.6 million square kilometers but is uninhabited, which is equivalent to three Frances.

This huge "island" in the middle of California and Hawaii is surrounded with millions of tons of plastic waste. Because it is located in the equatorial windless zone, various floating objects from around the world gather here. You can see water bottles, toothbrushes, helmets, and even toilet seats ......

the eighth continent

Today, this "island" surrounded by stench, mess and germs is still expanding rapidly. In September 2017, the UN received a "special" request. The applicant requested to establish a "country" on this "Eighth Continent" , called the "Republic of Garbage Islands".

The restraint and management of plastic pollution is a common global problem. Although many countries are trying their best to reduce "white pollution", this circumstance has not improved significantly. In a word, only it becomes a global action, can waste plastic pollution can be fundamentally restrained.

For mixed plastic waste with complex components and low recycling value, it has always been a difficulty, and it is also the main factor causing "white pollution". The emergence of waste plastic pyrolysis technology has effectively made up for the traditional incineration and regeneration technology, and has become a cutting-edge development technology in the field of plastic recycling.

waste plastic pollution

The industrial continuous waste plastic pyrolysis technology and equipmentdeveloped by Niutech has achieved resourceful treatment and utilization due to its environmental and economic benefits advantages, especially for the low value waste plastics with complex and mixed composition.  It can convert waste plastic to fuel oil and solid fuel. The pyrolysis technology has been successfully applied in many countries and territories such as Germany, USA, UK, Denmark, Brazil, Hungary, Turkey, Estonia, Iraq, India, Thailand, etc. It has become a key development direction for plastic waste treatment recognized by various countries and has brought a new impetus to the development of global waste plastic recycling and ecological protection. 

waste plastic pyrolysis

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