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Development Advantages of Waste Plastics Pyrolysis Technology

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Plastic is an irreplaceable and important resource for our daily life, and the environmental problems arising from waste plastics are also important ecological problems that we must face and solve. In recent years, due to the intensifying global environmental protection and energy crisis, policy changes in countries around the world, international petrochemical, environmental protection, energy and other giant enterprises have joined the field and construction of waste plastics disposal, and chemical recycling of waste plastics has been rapidly promoted and developed.

However, we have to know that for a long time before, the chemical recycling technology and industry of waste plastics were highly controversial and inhibited, and remain so even today, which is based on the conclusion and measures of the backwardness of the chemical recycling technology process, low output quality, and poor environmental benefits. These controversies also put forward serious challenges and requirements for the development of technology, and the pyrolysis technology developed by Niutech gives corresponding solutions in these aspects to significantly improve these aspects.

chemical recycling of waste plastics

I. The output quality problem caused by backward technology achieves a turnaround

As waste plastics (especially low-value waste plastics) are adulterated or attached with organic matter, plastic modifiers, inks, chemical fibers and other substances, the output contains a large number of recombinant fraction substances during the disposal process, and it is difficult to strip the atoms such as Cl, N and S from the molecules in the outputs. The backward disposal technology (such as kettle process) leads to limited processing efficiency and the lack of distillation processing after pyrolysis due to investment cost restrictions, resulting in low output quality and economic value. And because the output contains more impurities, there will be more serious environmental pollution in the subsequent output application, which is one of the important factors that “plastic oil refining” is restricted. With the introduction of Niutech pyrolysis technology, the catalytic depth and reaction control ability are improved, the output can be completely light components, the impurities remaining in the output molecules are separated out more effectively, and the output quality and environmental protection are improved.

II. The problem of poor environmental protection and safety in the production process has been significantly improved

In the original process stage, chemical recycling of waste plastics is produced on a small scale, often in the form of small workshops of “indigenous refining”. Rough and backward devices make it difficult to control the production of pollutants such as VOCs and dioxins; insufficient investment in environmental protection and management make it impossible to effectively treat waste gas, waste water and waste residue; at the same time, the production safety is also difficult to be guaranteed in the case of insufficient investment scale and unprofessional operation.

The pyrolysis technology and equipment of Niutech waste plastics pyrolysis technology and equipment has been able to achieve good environmental protection and strong stability and safety. For example, the closed oxygen-free environment has well avoided the conditions of dioxin generation; the deep catalytic and reaction control makes the chlorine in PVC mainly stripped out in the form of inorganic chlorine; the technical economy can support the larger investment and production scale, and can also effectively support adequate environmental protection investment and professional management, so that the three waste emissions fully meet the national standards.

III. Chemical recycling technology for waste plastics has become an important carbon reduction technology today

Instead of incineration, chemical recycling of waste plastics can significantly reduce carbon emissions by solidifying the carbon in the output instead of releasing it into the atmosphere. Based on the operation of several waste plastic pyrolysis projects, Niutech has concluded that chemical recycling of waste plastics can reduce carbon emissions by about 50% compared to incineration of plastic waste, i.e., the disposal of 1 ton of waste plastics can reduce carbon emissions by more than 2 tons.

At present, the commercialization of waste plastics chemical recycling technology represented by pyrolysis technology is in the early stage, and all aspects are in the stage of rapid rise, with the entry of a large number of enterprises, capital and talents, a series of advantageous technologies will be developed and widely used. It is one of the most advanced technologies in the world in the field of chemical recycling of waste plastics, and is one of the most proven technologies in the world. It has reached a high level in terms of stable operation, environmental protection and return on investment. At present, the technology has started a series of cooperation with BASF, Quantafuel and other international giants to promote the development of waste plastics chemical industry.

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