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China's Carbon Trading Market in Operation for One Year and Preliminary Achievements Dawning

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In July 2021, China's carbon trading market, with the power generation industry as the breakthrough point, officially launched online trading, where 2162 key emission units in the power generation industry have been incorporated, and overall carbon dioxide emission from the enterprises incorporated within the carbon market has reached about 4.5 billion tons, all of which have contributed to the formation of the largest carbon market in operation in the world. As of July this year, the carbon market has achieved a rationing transaction volume of 194 million tons, with a cumulative turnover of 8.49 billion yuan. And the market rationing compliance rate has reached over 99.5%, where more than half of the enterprises have participated in the transaction, and the carbon rationing transaction price has been between 55 yuan and 60 yuan in the past two months. For a market that has just started to operate, there are three points worth affirming: first, the overall operation has been under a smooth and orderly condition; second, the price of rationing transaction is in a reasonable range; third, the rationing transaction implementation rate has reached over 99.5%. The operation is stable and orderly, and the positive effect of low-cost carbon reduction has already dawned.

industrial continuous pyrolysis technology and equipment

First, China's carbon market at this stage is a "intensity-based" carbon market. In the perspective of total amount, carbon market requires carbon emissions to be reduced, which falls in the category of absolute emission reduction; in the perspective of intensity, carbon market requires that the intensity of carbon emission should be reduced, falling in the category of relative emission reduction. Only those enterprises whose emissions do not meet the industry emission standards will pay the cost. Therefore, the carbon market based on intensity has the least impact on the production cost and product price of enterprises, which is more in line with the current situation of China.

Second, the low-cost carbon reduction mechanism of carbon market has begun to play a role. In past year, more than half of power generation companies have participated in rationing transaction. It is obvious that enterprises selling quotas will benefit. In fact, enterprises that buy quotas will also benefit. Compared with those who do not participate in rationing transaction, these enterprises can fulfill market rationing performance at a lower cost. The carbon market will not only promote thermal power enterprises to further improve power generation efficiency, but also will promote these enterprises to optimize the unit structure, so as to make low-carbon power units generate more power and high-carbon power units generate less power.

Third, the carbon market provides a clear carbon price guidance signal for China's economy and society transformation towards a low-carbon one, which can provide effective incentives for the transformation towards a low-carbon production mode and lifestyle, and also promote the innovation and investment of low-carbon, zero carbon and negative carbon technologies.

Niutech Realizing "Carbon Reduction" in the Field of Solid Waste Recycling

The recycling and utilization of solid waste and hazardous waste resources can not only safely dispose of solid waste and hazardous waste, but also recycle high value-added energy products, manifesting the attributes of environmental protection and circular economy emission reduction, which makes it one of the important paths of carbon emission reduction. At the same time, it has the synergistic effect of pollutant emission reduction, therefore is an important way to achieve carbon reduction.


Niutech’s unique industrial continuous pyrolysis technology and equipment can realize bio-safety disposal, recycling treatment and reduction treatment of organic wastes, such as oily sludge, waste rubber, waste plastics, organic hazardous waste and municipal waste.

The whole process of pyrolysis is completed in an enclosed equipment pipeline. This avoids the leakage of dust and VOCs, does not produce secondary pollution, has low heating temperature, high heat transfer efficiency, well-distributed and stable combustible gas production, and can be used as a material for pyrolysis. At the same time, the flue gas waste heat recycling technology is adopted, which has low energy consumption, realizes the secondary utilization of energy, reduces carbon emissions, and has significant energy saving and emission reduction effects.

When treating every ton of waste tires with pyrolysis technology, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by 1.1 tons (data source: China Circular Economy Association "Research Report on Circular Economy Helping to Achieve Peak Carbon Dioxide Emissions"). When treating every ton of waste plastics through pyrolysis technology, 2.3 tons of carbon dioxide emissions (equivalent) can be reduced; using pyrolysis technology to treat waste plastic can reduce carbon dioxide emissions (equivalent) by 50% compared with energy recovery from incineration of waste plastics (data source: article published in "Science of The Total Environment" by researchers at the University of Manchester)

As a global leading solid waste recycling system service provider, Niutech adheres to the low-carbon and environment-friendly development strategy, relies on its own technical advantages and management strength, and continuously makes efforts in the field of solid waste and hazardous waste recycling, helping China and the world achieve the goal of carbon reduction.


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