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Advanced Recycling Method- Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant

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The treatment technology of waste tires is mainly divided into four major segments, such as old tire retreading and remanufacturing, waste tire production of recycled rubber, waste tire production of rubber powder and waste tire (rubber) pyrolysis, etc. The waste tire recycling industry chain has become more mature.

Pyrolysis technology, as the ultimate treatment method for waste tires, can truly realize the harmless and reduced treatment and resource utilization of waste tires, which can be transformed into high value-added products such as fuel oil, carbon black and steel wire. Advanced technology and equipment ensure that the whole treatment process is energy-saving, efficient, safe and environmentally friendly. Pyrolysis rate can up to 99.5%. And the waste tire treatment and comprehensive utilization rate reaches 100%.

wastetires pyrolysis

There are mainly two types of waste tire disposal equipment: semi-continuous and continuous. Semi-continuous equipment requires constant shutdown of inputs and outputs, so there is low efficiency, small processing capacity, high energy consumption, high costs, and safety hazards. The continuous pyrolysis equipment solves the above drawbacks. It is not restricted by the space of storage bin and does not require frequent stopping, opening and closing of equipment, reheating after cooling and other operations, so it has advantages in safety, energy saving, environmental protection and service life.

Relying on the innovation of science and technology, Niutech Pyrolysis has formed a complete and unique technical system and masters unique industrial continuous waste tyre pyrolysis technology. The whole pyrolysis production line has high efficiency, low consumption, continuous stability,

Due to the advanced technology, whole pyrolysis production line has won many awards such as the "National Science and Technology Progress Award", National Key New Product, and the first prize of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation Science and Technology Progress Award. As the first drafting unit of national standards in the industry, Niutech Environmente Technology Corporation is one of the few enterprises at domestic and abroad that has the actual delivery capacity of industrial continuous waste tire pyrolysis equipment.

waste tire pyrolysis

So far, the pyrolysis equipment has been successfully used in many projects in China and sold to Germany, the United States, Brazil, Hungary, Turkey, Estonia, India, Iraq and other countries and regions. It has been widely recognized by domestic and foreign customers.

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